Special Techniques:

I try to be especially sensitive to children’s needs and their sometimes heightened level
of anxiety. I like to use topical numbing cream when it is reasonable and we try many
distraction techniques, including letting children bring in their handheld electronic
devices for games or videos as this can help occupy the child’s mind when having
uncomfortable procedures done.

Numbing for Skin Surgery
Certain procedures require numbing medicine, sometimes in the form of an injection.
This does burn and sting but only for a short time (seconds). Removing warts with
electrodessication (a type of burn) and curettage (a scooping or scraping technique)
usually requires local anesthetic, a numbing shot. Removing moles or birthmarks also
requires local anesthetic. After the numbing medicine is injected, there should be no
more pain.

Skin Surgery – Reducing Scars
I use a lot of techniques to reduce the appearance of scars. We take stitches out early
on the face to eliminate leaving stitch marks. I use a lot of dissolving stitches under the
skin to reduce the size and appearance of scars. Sometimes, children have to back off
on strenuous activity while the surgical site is healing, to give it the best possible chance
to heal optimally. Another easy thing to do, that helps reduce scarring significantly, is to
protect the healing area from the sun with the liberal use of sunscreen.